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Body’s Law

Grand Hotel Terminus Bergen, Norway

I presented "Body's Law" at Grand Hotel Terminus, Bergen, Norway. It was on the 5th and the 6th of October 2019. I experienced an inspiring venue cause was a Hotel in working condition, not a former one. Part of the audience was the hotel's clients, and the action happened in a room of the hotel. I had the opportunity to present the action five times, for two days. That permitted me a proper developing of the work on the field. I worked in several different venues, but, often former space not in working condition. The room was small. For that reason was challenging compared to outdoor spaces, for example, the one in Dhaka where I was before. Anyway, I was able to adapt me at space and to discover new opportunities. One of the most interesting was the possibilities to work with smart tv. So, I started to interact with this device, establishing the fundament for new works.

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© VFMarrese, photo by Bjarte Bjørkum

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