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Body’s Law

Teatro Espace Torino, Italy

I presented "Body's Law" at Teatro Espace, Torino, Italy. It was on the 4th of July 2019. Theatre is an appropriate venue to show this work. The audience used to listen carefully. The piece works well in a black-box theatre, and sound, and lighting are simple but effective. I'm interested in any venue. But these places are oases. I mean, are useful to go more in the deep with the developing of the work. On the opposite side, sometimes you could appear out of context, for example, from the technical side. Let's take the idea to use a unique source of light. It was the same light for the entire duration of the piece. It could appear as a limit in this type of venue. In this venue you have and a lot of possibilities to use light and colours. And my choices are minimal. The narrative structure of the piece is another issue. It is related to a structure, times and sequences. Sometimes the audience is doubtful about the duration of the piece. Why is it short? Why don't you use a narrative structure? That is, of course, the peculiarity of the works itself. But also point of views to develop new works.

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Video by Moving Bodies - Butoh & Live Art Festival - Roseness 1959-2019

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