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Community Standards

Moving Bodies Festival online_Blu Notte, Turin, Italy

I presented "Community Standards" during the "Moving Bodies Festival online_Blu Notte", organised by Teatro Espace, Turin, Italy. It was an online-based project cause for the sanitary emergency. The artwork appeared on the Facebook Page of the Teatro Espace, and the Moving Bodies Festival on the 6th of May 2020. The media of the artwork is the video, although the idea is to work on the Facebook media itself. The question was, how can I use Facebook to provide and artwork that should appear as a live-action. I did not want to make a simple recording of an action. So, I created a tension between the media itself and a reflection of its rules. To improve this tension, I shot a video. This video could be engaging, broadly, for the Facebook audience. It is not so long, and it is base on movements, and so on. Then I included a part of the text by "Violence and Criminal Behavior". It is a section of Facebook's "Community Standards" rule. This text becomes, physically, part of my environment. It is a sort of materialisation of these rules in a real space. A space that became virtual, cause for the recording and the distribution on Facebook

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