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Holy Cancer

“Holy Cancer” is a device to experience an empathic connection with the body modification processes.

The experience takes place through the gesture as a means for creating images. The observation of images of scientific documentation, from which the reference to cancer, once absorbed and decanted, has let emerge new images that I have impressed on the visual surface.

© Vincenzo Fiore Marrese.

This is an observation similar to the one I put in place in “New forms”, where I had as objects of observation some evidences of foetuses with congenital malformations.

The images emerge through the device of the gesture that colliding with the visual surface creates traces. The relationship between gesture and image is investigated in a manner similar to that of “Band Together” and finds its peak in the research carried out with “Across the body“.

This going beyond boundaries makes the surface indefinite and subject to changes depending on how the object is placed in the environment, including it into a temporal dimension of change. In the same way, the forms of cancer seem to expand the structure, the preordained form, of the organs.

Nevertheless, beyond the metaphor, there is not a representative intention, but an attempt to experience an empathic connection with the processes of modification that the body implements on itself to create new images, images with a different nature from those we know.

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©VFM, photo by V. Fiore
©VFM, photo by V. Fiore
©VFM, photo by V. Fiore
©VFM, photo by V. Fiore

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