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The Father Devouring His Son

“The father devouring his son” is a vehicle to experience the mythical idea of the body devouring the body.

The title, “The father devouring his son”, refers to myths like that of Cronus. Mythology appears to me as a form of incomprehensible thought, which I can not decipher and at the same time that confronts me with something absolutely evident.

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I use images as a device to bring out ideas, absolute concepts independent of contingent experience. Therefore, I do not use images as a device of representation. I do not even use images as a negation of representation, bringing them back to mere objects, for example by interpreting a painting like a surface covered by colour.

This concept is the basis of all the works in which I use images in a pictorial sense, as in “Transfiguration

The bodies I represent do not represent anyone and are not coloured surfaces, they are bodies and, in this case, devices to bring out the mythical idea. The emergence of a mythical idea through the image is not an exemplification of it, an illustration of a particular case, but an attempt to experience the idea itself through the fruition of the work.

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©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese
©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese

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