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To the Body

“To the body” is a device to experience the shape of the body.

“To the body” is born condensing a long work of fragmentation of the visual space. In this sense “To the body” expresses a return, a return of the body to the body, after having fragmented the visual space through a rigorous research on the gesture.

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The gesture, as a means to create images, has been widely explored in other works starting from “Band Together” up to “Across the body“.

“To the body” is also configured as a step after “Holy Cancer” even if in “Holy Cancer” the interest is directed to processes of body modification while, in this case, it is a process of condensation.

The forms of the body after being fragmented and scattered in the visual space, condense to bring out the absolute idea of the body.

Works (selection)

©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese
©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese
©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese
©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese

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