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Vincenzo Fiore Marrese was born in Florence, Italy. His father emigrated to Florence from Puglia, a region in the south, his mother was born Tuscany, from the area called Maremma, in central Italy.

Critical thinking is a trait of his works

He became interested in art thanks to the positive mood in which he grew up.

His grandmother was a painter of holy pictures and a fashion designer. His grandfather was good at singing and acting. His uncle was also good at singing, and he played the harmonica. His mother paints and writes poems and short stories. When he was young, he studied clay with one of his sisters. The other sister is involved, with other things, with videos and music. She has introduced him on the knowledge of the comic books. He got to know mainstream and underground comics many, at that time, unpublished in Italy. The contrast between mainstream and underground of the narrative universe of comics led him to develop a critical thinking trait towards all the narrative paradigms. So he applied critical thinking also on the mass media paradigms of narration.

The body is a trait of his works

In the field of art, his concern was focussed, in the beginning, on the body.

He had the high school diploma at the National Institute of Art and a master’s degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence with an interdisciplinary thesis on Artist Anatomy. During this time he studied with a florentine artist that passed down to him a strong concern on the human body, flesh and blood. For his master’s degree, he studied by the collection of Animal Ostheology and Human Anatomy of the University of Florence. For his degree, he created an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Academy and the University. He obtained the collaboration of the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Biology of the University of Florence. During the same years, he attended an experimental group that worked on topics related to the body. He studied, for a period, Philosophy at the University of Florence.

The body on movement is a trait of his works

He became interested in the movements of the body by several experiences: theatre, dance and calligraphic arts.

He studied for some years recitacion in an old theatre in the historical centre of Florence. Then, thanks to the connection with the historian of art Linda Salvadori, he knew the contemporary theatre attending some workshops close to Florence. He practised the calligraphic arts. With calligraphic art, he improved the attention on the physical gesture and the movements. He practised the Argentinian tango. In the same period, he joined a group of artists that organized theatre performance with a mix of several arts, like dance, video and music. The group was gathered thanks to an illegal occupation in a peripherical area of Florence. This space during only a few months and then the local authority evacuated it. After the dissolution of this group he founded a theatre company, and with this company he developed a lot of collaborations with other visual artists and musicians. Then he devotes itself to develop his research.

Driving the art toward politics and social topics is a trait of his works

He started his research about the artistic aspect of anatomy and biology. Then he developed his research toward the political and social function of the body, in relationship with art.

After examined in depth the body as a natural entity, he expands his field of research. The theoretical aspect of his researches poses him in front of a complexity. He felt the urgency to break the boundaries of the previous artistic practice to fill the gap with his researches.

He concluded the first part of his artist practices with the work called “Across the Body”. It is a work on the act of drawing. Then he took apart the researches on the formal law of the visual language, starting a new way with the work “Body’s Law”.

The red thread remains on the attention related to the movements of the body, the physical gesture. In “Body’s Law” the movements create sounds in real-time, thanks to some electronic devices. In “Strike” he starts to introduce other people inside the piece. In “You’re dangerously low on space” the artist is not present. Anyway, a sign of his presence remains in the movements of the camera.

His attention is going from the individual body to the body of society as a political subject.

The social condition of his family, split into two branches, the first from migrants from the south part of the nation, is a reason that drives his attention on social topics.

Florence is the city where he was born. In the past, it was a relevant city for the art of the West. Italy was an important place too, for the art system. Today it seems that the entire country is in the shadow. Anyway, it is a country prepared to assimilate cultural trends. Generally, it assimilates trends from countries that have a today significant political role in the world system. This remark is a reason that drives his attention on social and political topics.

These are the reasons why his field of art research is growing in these directions.

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