Vincenzo Fiore Marrese


Visual artist and performer, Vincenzo Fiore Marrese focuses his research on the body.

He was born in Florence, Italy, where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts.

Through the medium of drawing, he examined in detail the structure of animal bones and the congenital human anomalies, live, from anatomical and medical collections.

His works have been presented in several spaces, conventional and unconventional, like repurposed art spaces (slaughterhouse, convent, copper mine, prison, mental hospital) and also spaces that hosted special artistic events like residential treatment centre for mental illness and urban parks.

He founded a theatre company focused on performance art called Teatro Anatomico (Anatomical Theatre).

He is currently studying Philosophy.

His current works include a performance called “Across the Body”, about drawing, body and the disappearing of artwork perceived as an object.

He lives and works in Florence and Berlin.

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