Vincenzo Fiore Marrese


I’m working on the relationship between the body, politics and society.

My main topics are the system of rules of conduct of the body in jail and in the society and incapacitating weapons. I create my artworks, mainly, with the movement of my body and with the sound. My artworks are actions that I show to an audience in specific situations. I present my actions in different venues like theatres, art galleries and unconventional spaces.

Some actions that I show maintain a similar structure during the time. However, any time that I show an action, the action tends to change by the effect of the circumstances.

I use informatics tools in my artworks. I know some programming languages, but I use existing software too. Regarding the body movements, I keep a natural body language even if sophisticated. My movements don't refer to any canonical type of dance. I develop my artwork outside any categories to take advantage of the full qualities of art.

In my artworks, I use objects that come from politics and social life, like audio recordings and textual documents. I'm interested in specific objects related to real life to contextualise my artworks in the present world. To create questions in the audience is the aim of my artworks. It is not entertainment, anyway, I don't exclude the sensorial aspects. When I create my artworks, I pay attention to two aspects. First, the audience is also the body of every single person. And second, any single body that attends to the actions has specific physical feelings. My artworks captivate the audience without entertaining the audience because they maintain a critical approach to reality.

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