Vincenzo Fiore Marrese


´╗┐My artworks are bodies.

I started my artistic practice focussing on the body as human body. Soon my idea of body extended to animal body and then to vegetable body. Finally, I started to imagine body as the body of the things, of the mere real objects. Sometimes my own body is the artwork, sometimes I create objects as artworks, but objects, for me, in their turn are bodies. Also when I create images, I don’t consider images bodies representations, except in special cases, but real bodies. I studied the body as living body with live models. I studied the body as corpse on some pieces of the scientific collections from the museums of my city. I studied the body as animal body through the comparative anatomy of the vertebrate, understanding that the body unfold itself by multiple ways but it keeps a sort of unity. The question is: where is the edge of that unity? The body of a dolphin is a body like the body of a chair? At the moment I am studying my idea of body through the philosophic reflection as a means to improve my artistic experience.

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