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Research Interests: social change, games (gamification), domestication (self-domestication hypotesis), and visual culture.

I seek a new way to connect art and the ordinary.

At present, my fundament is the idea that art and social-politic issues are interrelated.

My current research interests are four: social change, games, domestication, and visual culture. Sometimes I also experiment with new fields through collaborative artworks, as an extra-interest to expand my point of view.

I work with an intuitive and rational approach. During the process where I create my artworks, I unify form and content. After the ending of the process, when artworks come out, you cannot disjoin form from content. I used to present the content because I think it is necessary. But the artworks itself is the object of experience. In other words, you cannot paraphrase my artworks. My contents are depth. Contents do not appear like theoretical assumptions but as a non-separable part of an experience.

I use sources from different areas of interests as basic building blocks to create new meanings. Meanings are the supporting structure for artistic experiences. I build artistic experiences over meanings through media. My artworks are artistic experiences that I offer to people. Artistic experiences are unexpected experiences.

© VFMarrese, Artistic experience as a meaning-making process that offers unexpected experiences

I connect ideas: I do not juxtapose them to create a pleasing arrangement of ideas. To create meanings is a matter to rearrange the relations between ideas, and to find new ways to do it. The main way is to create connections between ideas not just to juxtapose them.

© VFMarrese, It is the difference between to juxtapose and to connect ideas


In the above picture, you can see a board with the categories and subjects that I explored until now with my work. Back to the base, there is the body as a biological organism. Then the body as part of the society. Now, the relationship between art and social-politic issues.

© VFMarrese, Statement's tree

Artists play an important role in society

As an an artist, my aim is to create complex works on the art-society relationship in present days, easy to understand under the right approach. I'm working on the relationship between art and the society because in my vision artists play an important role in society. In that sense, artists should create works related to the present. It means works that are in the present world and on our communities. It means works not necessarily related to the biography of the artist but a greater vision of humanity.

Stay focused on the artistic point of view, means focused on the world

In my vision, artists are free to work on every topic. Artists don't need necessarily to work on topics related to their countries. Artists don't need necessarily to work on topics related to their direct experience. Artists need to work on topics related to an artistic point of view on our world. The artistic point of view is necessary for society to maintain critical thinking.

I'm working by deep meanings because, in my vision, art is complex

Complex means suitable to put different things together, creating connections developing meanings. Complex does not mean hard to understand. It means understandable under the right approach. The right approach is the key to interpretation that the artist should give to the audience. A key to interpretation is not something that decreases the experience of an art piece. It is something necessary to experience the art piece, and it is not related to contemporary art. A key to interpretation is necessary to experience the art of the past. Otherwise, you could appreciate some physical features but not the piece of art.


  1. I called it “fundament” because it remains stable for a long term perspective.

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  2. I called them “interests” because they can change in a short term perspective.

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  3. That's part of my current vision. It does not mean that I always worked, or I will work forever in that direction. It means that, currently, I'm working in that direction. Anyway, the developing of my work, from the origin till now, is organic. There are no gaps, although sometimes some works could appear different. There is always a reason. It is like a plant making branches.

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  4. Which kind of artist? Well, although I'm graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in Italy, I'm not a painter, I'm an artist. My art is on topics, not on techniques. I use several types of media, included painting, of course, also because of my studies. Regarding the use of painting, someone thinks that is an outdated media, today. In my vision, as artist, I can use any media. There are not outdated media. The only difference from the past is that in the Western art painting had a specific role that, today, for several reasons, has lost. As I wrote, my art is related on topics. It means that I have specific topics. I'm not interested in a specific technique. So, what's art today? That's a question, mainly philosophical than artistic. You could find a lot of interesting papers about this question and is still an open question. I think it's fantastic to work in an open field without borders. Anyway, the question itself is, of course, essential.

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  5. There was a long-debated on the idea of subjectivity as an artistic topic in the past. Anyway, I still feel the necessity to point out that is not necessary to talk about our biography because it happens that people think that it is more interesting to talk about ourself than to thought about the world. In my opinion, this idea is related to two argumentations. First, you can only talk about things you have experienced. That makes sense if you work with a matter of facts, if you need evidence. The artistic point of view should go beyond personal experiences. It's our opportunity to develop critical thinking of the world. Look from afar and reassemble the pieces. It is not simple, of course. It doesn't always work. But it should be one of the aims of artistic work, along with many others. Second, today we have new attention over our biographies. Cause for the use of Internet technologies, we used to chat a lot about our experiences. And for the same reason and old topic, related to marketing theories, arise. I mean the idea of "personal branding", that is related to this topic.

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  6. Of course, my biography is related to my work. Often my works come after personal experiences. Thought and experiences are connected. Especially for my work, international experiences and venue experiences matter. Anyway, I use these experiences to go beyond my limitate experience through the artistic point of view. Experience has limits. Art has no limits.

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  7. The sentence "artists are free to work on every topic" does not mean that artists can express opinions that matter on everything. It means that they are free to create works through a deep and intense process on every topic necessary.

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  8. In Italy, the country were I was born, we have probably one of the most famous and notable artistic recurrent art exhibition that involve a lot of artists from other countries every two years. As everyone knows, national pavilions, assigned to singular countries, are part of the exhibition venues. That's for several reasons. There was a long-debating, some time ago, about this idea. I mean if it is an outdated idea or not, to put in relationship artists and countries. It is not a simple question as it might seem, for those who think it one way or the other way. At the same time, some artists develop their works related to topics of their countries of origin. It is a type of approach generally allowed and deemed fascinating. So, for example, because I was born in Italy, some people could think that, as an artist, I allowed to work on topics related to the political situation in Italy. But what if I want to work on topics related to other countries? From some point of views, this approach starts to be suspicious. Have you been to these countries? Do you have a special relationship with these countries? At least two passports? Is it your business? Do you want to take advantage of problems by other people from your privileged point of view? First of all, suspicious comes when people think that others do not act in bona fide. That's a problem of trusts in the others, but it is a human problem, unfortunately not related to art only. But it is also peculiar of art. Artists versus artists, sometimes, claim the authorship of their ideas. Public opinion sometimes clashes against famous artists, guilties to make money deceiving the public. The fact that artists had been in countries related to their topics, it is a possibility, but, it is not mandatory. As an artist, I worked on countries that I visited, for example, taking some video shots on site. But the personal experience can not create a wall around some topics. The artistic point of view breaks walls. The artist should not be limited by the experience or by the matter of facts. It is another way of thinking. The special relationship that artists have with countries is that artists have a relation with the entire world. Everything that happens in the world matter for artists. And, from a certain point of view, maybe should matter for everyone. Artists that work on topics related to other countries (not their home country, or not a visited country) don't take advantages. They do their work hold the puzzle pieces together. By this way, they create something for everyone. It is a real advantage. And it is called critical thinking. And, last but not least, the boundaries of the countries are not so defined as from a simple point of view might seem. Think about the cultural influence of some countries to others. It is quite simple to imagine that people from different countries are much similar that might appear.

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  9. Artists could work beyond experience. It does not mean that every time it makes sense. It does not mean that it is to speak about everything. It requires a deep and intense process to do it properly. But it makes sense. Otherwise, there is a wall that does not consent a function of art. I mean the possibility of art to reassemble the pieces and creates alternative visions of the world by the use of critical thinking.

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