Vincenzo Fiore Marrese

Artistic research

Creating a New Language: Impossible. (et vous êtes)

I'm developing artistic research using Artificial Intelligence Software. The current outcome is an artwork with science fiction storytelling, distinct from a typical science fiction narration, and two symbolic pictures about life and death. It appears in the form of a printed book and a file. The title comes partially from Philip K. Dick's biography, and the theme is related to Karel Čapek, two science fiction classics authors. I am working with AI-powered chatbots. The problem for me is that this kind of software interacts by imitating human language. This attitude of imitation impacted Western art for a long time. Then, it was challenging for me to work with a language-imitating tool. I asked the chatbot to create a new language to break the imitation effect. The theme is at the intersection of imitation and sympathy through technologies and social implications. Tell me more about Creating a New Language: Impossible. (et vous êtes) artistic research.

Good to eat (fragment)

A sentence from a well-known text of anthropology and personal communications as feedback related to my work "Good to eat (fragment)" suggested me an idea about the suitability of artworks. I developed research and artwork within the frame of food studies, ritual, and mythology. In the background, one can find ideas of command and obedience strictly connected to my common thread of the system of rules. Tell me more about Good to eat (fragment) artistic research.

Symbiotic Violence

A human community is a symbiotic entity. The Internet, a digital community, is a layer of the broad human community. Despite the rationality behind Information Technologies, the Internet outcome is often emotional. The hate speech online phenomenon is a kind of emotion spread on the Internet. I’m working on a series of artwork around these themes. I developed a data-driven art engine based on a late XVI-century cryptography method to produce images and sounds. Likewise, I worked with a file destruction technique on some picture files. Tell me more about Symbiotic Violence artistic research.

To make landfall

"To make landfall" is an artwork about fuel transportation. I used walking as an art practice entangled with information technologies in this work. How the fuel transportation affects people? How it impacts global issues between nations? Which questions raise about the population that have no availability of fuel? How can art frame this topic to produce artworks? Tell me more about To make landfall artistic research.

I (don't) know the spell

“I (don't) know the spell” explores our inner border between ration and emotion through the lens of Internet technologies, posing questions on the dividing line between the performance art and the magic act. In this work, I used walking as an art practice. For my performance, I cast a spell according to instructions in an old manuscript of magic. Then I broadcast my action on Instagram in a temporary account that I will delete after after a few hours. The idea is to model a collision between magical thinking and the world of information technologies built upon rational frameworks. Tell me more about I (don't) know the spell artistic research.

Aesthetic regulations

"Aesthetic Regulations" is an art installation of three objects. Refusing the idea of creating the objects themselves, showing a craftspeople's skill, I developed the artwork by assembling two existing things. I put these two things "in contrast" as function and essence. I used a slice of decorative wood bought in a DIY store and police barricade tape. Tell me more about Aesthetic regulations artistic research.

Reorder power structures

Is it possible to change the rules of a game through the same game's rules? Playing, you cannot break the rules. But if you are allowed to change the rules, you can easily break the rules by rule. And if someone disagrees, you can always say that's the rule. Tell me more about Reorder power structures artistic research.

About age-based targeting

A "police line do not cross" tape divide an hotel room into small sectors wrapped around the objects that I find in the room. There is paper scattered on the floor. In the paper sheets, there are notes about marketing strategies. Tell me more about About age-based targeting artistic research.

Achilles and Tortoise Kornieieva-Marrese duo

It is an artwork about identity fragmentation and the perception of the body through Internet technologies. The context is about cities in different time zones. Berlin is in the UTC+1, and Kyiv is in the UTC+2 time zone. There is a time zone gap of one hour. When people talk through the Internet, this gap seems to disappear. Tell me more about Achilles and Tortoise artistic research.

Der Weg der Kohle

The concept of this work is the possibilities to shape social changes. The topic is related to the idea to imagine a network of former power plants that become museums of art that can create an innovative art platform rethinking the social function of a museum of art today. Tell me more about Der Weg der Kohle artistic research.

post performance

What kind of questions could performance art pose to the relationship between people and the social world while happening through social media channels? Tell me more about post performance artistic research.

Cordone artistic collaboration with Live Art Lab: Tetiana Kornieieva and Anton Romanov

Three artists that speak different native languages, Ukrainian and Italian, meet in Kyiv to create a brand-new performance art piece. Tell me more about Cordone artistic research.

It's time artistic collaboration with Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith

Two artists share the same space at the same moment. They act differently, and their actions appear not related. But because they are here and now, together, they start to collide. Tell me more about It's time artistic research.

I don't think you realise what I'm talking about

The title of the artwork refers to the idea of complexity, and to the attitude to refuse it. Tell me more about I don't think you realise what I'm talking about artistic research.

Community Standards

The Internet is a potential source of energy that needs to be discerned, under the light of critical thinking. Tell me more about Community Standards artistic research.

People also ask

The concept of this work is the human self-domestication hypothesis. The topic is about the search engines semantics and the online researches related to aggressivity. I have composed a sound piece based on some synthetic voices of chimpanzees, and a beat. There are chimpanzees voices during a fight. Tell me more about People also ask artistic research.

Body's Law

“Body’s Law” is an action about a state of transition of the body. Transition means a passage from one point to another. It explores a social state of transition from the state of detention in a jail to the state of being part of a society. Tell me more about Body's Law artistic research.


The concept of this work is the gamification of warfare. The topic is about the relationship between wars and children. “Strike” is a piece about war and games. Tell me more about Strike artistic research.

Suspended Sentence

“Suspended Sentence” is a piece about colonialism, pollution and exotic plants. It happens, generally, in botanical gardens. Some sounds that I recorded during my trip to Bangladesh create the core of the piece. Tell me more about Suspended Sentence artistic research.

Pull it Down (Put it Down)

“Pull it Down (Put it Down)” explores with an artistic purpose the idea to use the technology to find new ways to rules the bodies movements. Tell me more about Pull it Down (Put it Down) artistic research.

Across the Body

“Across the Body” is an artwork about the drawing and the disappearing of artwork perceived as an object. Tell me more about Across the Body artistic research.