Vincenzo Fiore Marrese


Vincenzo Fiore Marrese's research led him to the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Embraced an interdisciplinary approach, he sought guidance from professors in Philosophy and Biology, cultivating interests in critical thinking and science. Marrese's father migrated from southern Italy to Tuscany. Similarly, Marrese forges his artistic profession by travelling, giving special consideration to the artist's social status. His mother worked as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital. Marrese had the opportunity to empathise with her patients, expanding his perspective on relevant societal issues. Travelling, he studied megalithic art at the intersection with magic rituals, a peculiar tradition in his father's region. Later, he mastered technical skills in Information Technologies. Marrese showcased his work in several countries in Europe, Asia and South America.

A monochromatic photo with hands in color. A man stands to the side wearing a deep black jacket, a deep black hat, and greyish/blackish trousers. In the background, there is a geometric metal structure primarily composed of stairs. The photo appears to be taken outdoors.
© VFMarrese, Vincenzo Fiore Marrese photo by Andrea Bucovaz