Vincenzo Fiore Marrese


Vincenzo Fiore Marrese was born in Florence, Italy. He began his art studies at the National Art Institute and received his BFA and MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. He received the certification to teach Art and Art History from the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. He exhibited in Europa, Asia and America. Several cultural venues featured his work and research, including KKc - Kaņepes Kultūras centrs (Riga), Free Riga Creative Hive D27 (Riga), CCK - Cultural Center Korpus (Minsk), Art residence Carbon (Kyiv), Semio Theatre (Athens), Charukola Institute – FFA Faculty of Fine Arts (Dhaka), Edge Gallery – Bay's Edgewater (Dhaka), Cross Attic (Prague), Projektwohnung „krudebude“ (Leipzig), Teatro Espace (Turin), Gallery SULUV (Novi Sad), Grand Hotel Terminus (Bergen), Poropati (Berlin), Institute of Automation (Kyiv), Badehaus (Berlin), Gallery Center424 (Belgrade), AKT, Art-Zavod Platforma (Kyiv), Centro Boliviano Americano (Santa Cruz), Liebig12 (Berlin) and Albertinum Museum (Dresden) among other venues. The artist participated in Dhaka Live Art Biennale and Performing Arts Festival Berlin. In November 2022, he released the essay "Point-of-view performances" in " – Visions of Space from the Middle Ages to the Digital Age", edited by OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH, published by DISTANZ Verlag, Berlin.

His mother was born in Maremma, a region in Tuscany surrounded by countryside, and his father is a migrant from the South of Italy. At the beginning of his art career, he joined a group of artists that organized performances in an illegal occupation in a peripheral area of Florence. After the dissolution of this group, he founded a theatre company. Then he developed independent research by travelling abroad, particularly in Eastern Europe. He is part of the artist duo Kornieieva-Marrese with the artist Tetiana Kornieieva. In 2021, he co-founded the festival "preserve memories-provide energy" in Berlin.

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