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Band Together

“Band Together” is a research over the concept of fragmentation and condensation of the body.

Fragmentation and condensation are two states in which things can be found. Fragmentation is a state in which a whole thing is subdivided into small parts. Condensation is a state in which small things are cohesive in a whole thing.

The aim of the research was to experience the relationship between these two states. The product of this research are images. The experience took place both in the production phase of the images and in the use of the image once it was made.

During the production phase of the images, I worked on gestures.

The starting point was the assumption that the body creates images, generally, through gesture. From the most sophisticated gesture of a calligrapher, to the simplest gesture of a photographer, the body must perform certain movements to produce images. In the most refined cases the body must be able to dominate a certain rhythm and to change the intensity of its force. Through the gesture, my body created on the visual surface a series of fragmented signs that represented nothing. Spontaneously, soon, I condensed, only at certain points, the signs, creating images that represented something, the body itself. By alternating the fragmentation of signs with condensation into images, I tried to maintain a tension relationship between these two states on the visual surface.

I refined the work on gestures in works like “Across the body“.

In the same way, I tried to maintain this state of tension also in the production process of the image. To do this, I had chosen a technique that contrasted in a decisive manner with the immediate and spontaneous gestures I used to produce the signs and images. It was an engraving technique, etching. Etching is achieved by using metal plates, in this case, zinc. The etching provides moments in which body must perform cold and calculated actions such as immersing the metal plate in tanks full of acid. The alternation of these moments, immediacy and calculation, redirected the process of image processing, taking it to a foreign and contradictory direction. This detour generated tension and allowed me to experience the relationship between the fragmentation, inherent in the spontaneous action, and the condensation, inherent in the calculated action, even at this level and therefore reach the aim of my research.

Works (selection)

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