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“Khinderspill” is a research over the concept of body as a mere real thing.

The tube, an object in common use that can contain food, cosmetics, adhesive substances and more, seems to have been originated from animal bladders[1]. The tube, therefore, can be seen, originally, as a body-container. It was invented over one hundred and fifty years ago by an American painter [2] to preserve the colour that was transported in the flesh, inside an organ of an animal’s body, the pig’s bladder[3].

Khinderspill is the first title, the first description, which was assigned to the famous work by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, “Children’s Games”, kept at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Wien[4]. I chose this name because it refers to a work of art, a painting, and because in the work there are at least two characters playing with what appear to be animal bladders, probably pig bladders, one in the lower right that is blowing in a bladder to make a ball, and one in the upper left that swims with the aid of already swollen blisters. The painting is signed and dated by Bruegel, 1560. I use this number to mark my works, as a reference to this painting and to the title of my work.

“Khinderspill” is directly connected to the other works in which I develop my research, for the fact of being centred on the body, but, in particular, the interest in things is a development of “Mere real things”.

Works (selection)

©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese
©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese
©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese
©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese
©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese
©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese


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