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Mere Real Things

“Mere real things” is a research around the concept of thing as body.

By “thing” I mean an object of daily use endowed with a function and devoid of any particular symbolic meaning. The research began by identifying some things like a television remote control and some glue tubes.

I tried to experience these objects as if they were parts, limbs, organs of the human body relating to them accordingly. In this I anticipated a work that I developed in “Khinderspill” where the common object, in particular the tube, is seen as body-container, as it seems to have originated from animal bladders.

“Mere real things” follows a line of research that starts from the human body.

Initially I was interested in the external configuration of the body, then in the internal one, the organs indeed. Later I moved to the body of the animals and then to the body of the plants. With “Mere real things” I closed the circle extending the idea of body to things themselves.

Works (selection)

©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese
©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese
©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese
©VFM, picture by VF. Marrese

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