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My Hobby is Photography

“My hobby is photography” is a device to experience the idea of creating an image through the body without carrying a gesture out.

Normally the body must make a gesture to create an image. I’ve been working over this basics in several other artworks as “Band Together” and “Across the body”.

Motionless, any body may at least produce a shadow. By any chance, Plinio the Elder told that painting may be born by the idea of tracing the outline of a shadow, in other words achieve a gesture able to create an image.

Photographic picture, as well, is like a shadow.

To push a button or to skim over a touch-screen to shoot a photo is as far as there can be from achieving a refined gesture which, through rhythm and strength control, is able to realize sophisticated images.

This video is built up capturing photo images while they’re moving into the same photo camera screen during the shooting.

↓ video (excerpt)

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