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You’re dangerously low on space (We love to entertain you)


  • Production: Germany, 2019 - Format: mp4 - Running time: 05:00 min. - Color: color


“You’re dangerously low on space (We love to entertain you)” is a work about our perception of danger. Filmed and recorded in Leipzig in Eisenbahnstraße, «the most dangerous street of Germany» (according to some media) and on the way to the “LEJ1” Amazon Logistic Centre.


It's a sunny day. The sky is blue and clear. The camera moves its lens over a rural path. We see threes. We see bushes. Behind the greenery, we caught a glimpse of an industrial building.

Then we see a perimeter fence. Everything happens without a narrative sequence. It is like we go through this path with our memory, with some flash-back. We see a parking place and two blue trucks in the distance. On the way no one appears, unless a bird and a man on a bike, but for a few seconds. We see the trucks close by. They are Amazon's trucks.

On the trucks, there are some writings: "Prime", and "There's more to Prime. A truckload more". The building appears through the bushes. We hear some voices, people chatting and vehicles: but there is no one. We go near to the building. We perceive a repetitive sound, something like a rhythm.

We see a commemorative stone with writing: "SW - V - Schlacht bei Leipzig am 18. October 1813", it is about the Battle of Leipzig. Then, from the stone, the path splits in two ways.

Then, again, the building appears close. The building is grey and yellow. We hear the voices of people. We see a bus stop in the middle of the path. It is in a service area close to the building. We hear the sound of a horn and the voices of some children. We see the building through the bushes. We hear the noise of a bus, but it is not here. The path goes straight. The end.

The sound comes from a record take in Eisebanstraße, in Leipzig, "the most dangerous street in Germany", according to some media. The video is a record of the way to "LEJ1" Amazon Logistic Centre, the building that appears in the video, in a peripheral area of Leipzig, close to some historical area related to the Battle of Leipzig.

↓ video (excerpt)

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