Vincenzo Fiore Marrese

To create new meanings

I create new meanings because my approach to art is poetic.

I mean, not only when I write poems, but when I create artworks. As you know the word "poem" comes from Greek with the meaning of "to make, to compose"[1]. But it is a peculiar way to make something. It has the potential to create new meanings.

The potential to create new meanings is part of human language: «we can use it to create new meanings (...) This ability is one of the things that sets human language apart from the kind of communication that goes on, for example, between birds, which can only convey a limited range of messages»[2]

Of course, new meanings: «are being created all the time—not only by poets»[3]

But as Preller states, the peculiarity is that the poet: «sees possibilities of interpretation not suggested by straightforward description of ordinary experience»[4]

In that sense these meanings are new, not only as other authors suggest, because are meanings or concepts: «that the public language does not already communicate»[5]

Going beyond these ideas, we can imagine that these new meanings are not related nor «by straightforward description of ordinary experience»[6] and nor by a cause-effect relationship with the experience. That is, from my point of view, the peculiarity of the relationship between experience and creativity.


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