Vincenzo Fiore Marrese


I create art that blends different fields by exploring a wide range of subjects.

As an artist, I specialize in art, but I draw insight from various fields. I appreciate their unique complexities, which fuel my creativity.

I study the permanent instability of rules governing various aspects of life. At the moment, I combine environmental, technological and social issues with art. Some current research topics include empathy in artificial intelligence, minerals required for the tech industry, and how age plays a role in grouping people in society.

As a transdisciplinary artist, I work with various media including time-based, installation, and new media art.

I coined the terms subtle habitat and unstable component to depict space transformation like garages or courthouses into art environments with multiple independent artworks.

I want to preserve the intricacy of art. I also aim to make art more accessible to a broader audience by using appealing and thought-provoking artworks as talking points. This approach explores the interdependent relationships between complex themes and sensory immediacy, fostering a more engaging and inclusive experience.

In my artistic practice, I devote equal effort to both the process, based on artistic research, and the outcome.

A list of different types of systems written in black on a white background. The list includes earth systems, technological systems, social systems, artistic systems, cultural systems, rules, political systems, and the word instability.
©VFMarrese, In this picture, you can see an example of an immersive space I call subtle habitat. I made it in a former car workshop. The work is called “Critical Journey.”
©VFMarrese, In this picture I have highlighted what I call the unstable components of the subtle habitat. They are independent works of art, but the sum of them all makes up another work of art, the subtle habitat.
©VFMarrese, In this picture I have enlarged and highlighted one of the unstable components. It is called “Substitute.” The artwork incorporates earth from a piece by Rachel Harris, courtesy of the artist as part of a collaborative creative process.
©VFMarrese, In this picture you can see a detail of an unstable component of a subtle habitat I titled “Ich bin dreihunderttausend,” in other words “I am three thousand years old.” I used red crepe paper in an intriguing shape to explore the interdependent relationships between complex themes and sensory immediacy of the artwork.