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preserve memories - provide energy a collaborative project by the artists Tetiana Kornieieva, Sophia Moffa, and Vincenzo Fiore Marrese with the support of the Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge, Berlin, Deutschland

«Through the creative eyes of the artists, the audience will have the opportunity to view this incredible building through a new lens.»

Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge

© VF Marrese, Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge, photo by Vincenzo Fiore Marrese

The artists Tetiana Kornieieva, Sophia Moffa, and Vincenzo Fiore Marrese, with the collaboration of the Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge presents “preserve memories - provide energy”.

preserve memories - provide energy” is an artistic event.

During the event, the artists will present an exhibition and three different workshops.

The exhibition will present artworks and performances.

The event will happen in the incredible space of the Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge in the district of Lichtenberg, in Herzbergstraße 79 (Haus 29) 10365 Berlin, Deutschland.

The exhibition will open on the 14th of November 2020 from the evening till the late night. The workshops will open in three different days, 15th, 18th, and 19th November 2020. The dates could moved due to the sanitary emergency. More details coming later on.

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«The Kesselhaus was built as a power plant to provide energy to a hospital. It later became a museum, in order to preserve technological, medical and biographical memories. Lately expanding its function to also host and provide artistic events. Though ​ preserve memories - provide energy we are inviting the audience to engage in the idea that art can be the new form of energy that the Kesselhaus produces. Thanks to the Kesselhaus’s arts program, artists can feed their creativity into a distinctive and engaging structure and artefacts. We are asking ‘can art be a form of energy?»

«If we consider the Kesselhaus an (art)power plant, the artists will be the new machines producing power through their artworks. Posing questions such as what sort of energy is art?»

to hover memories

© VF Marrese, diagram by Vincenzo Fiore Marrese

«We wish to ask if it is possible to hover memories? by doing so would this create a new territory that is created by the two intersecting, a new space that did not exist before?»

Note: all the texts between angle quotation marks come from collaborative writing by Kornieieva, Moffa and Marrese.


Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge

The Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge is an incredible museum. It presents an industrial archaeology collection of three generation's old boiler machines still in situ, a medical collection, and a permanent exhibition about Hermann Blankenstein. Blankenstein was the architect of the Kesselhaus and several buildings in Berlin. The Museum is part of the network European Route of Industrial Heritage, and it is located in the huge green area Landschaftspark Herzberge in Lichtenberg, not so far from the Dong Xuan Center, the Vietnamese shopping centre, and half an hour by the Stasimuseum.


sophia moffa​​

(Rome) Birmingham UK

Moffa works mainly within sculpture, performance and video art. She studied a BA in sculpture, at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and an MA in Fine Art at Manchester School of Art. Her work is interested in the alternating mirroring of the self and the society, the communication between people, their surroundings, and the negotiations that occur within one’s own mind. Moffa's work mingles in dystopian aesthetics working often experimentally and intuitively throughout her practice, she also works through a physical sketch book by performing happenings within the city using the unexpecting audiences as a critical mass.

Moffa also founded with Finnish artist Riikka Enne the mobile and experimental gallery Tape Modern and collaborates in an artist dyad under the name of enne&moffa. She has exhibited within Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe. Her latest shows include London Ultra, Shilpokala, Dhaka National Gallery (Bangladesh); Food to the Dogs, Tape Modern, (UK); and Brashnar, Skopje (Macedonia).

Tetiana Kornieieva


(Kyiv) Ukraine

Tetiana Kornieieva works with installation, performance and video art.

Education: National Pedagogical Dragomanov university (cultural studies) and Kyiv state academy of Decorative Arts and Design M. Boychuk (monumental painting).

Additional education: Open Art School - contemporary art; School of Visual Communication - graphic design and illustration; Studio. doc The Sergey Bukovsky film programme - documentary filmmaking. In her work, Tetiana explores the topic of personal boundaries and the relationship of the subject with the Other. He works with the theme of performative architecture, exploring the interactions of the subject and architecture / landscape as the Other. Since 2017, she is a co-founder of a group of performers Live Art Lab, based in Kyiv. The group works with topic of private and public spaces. Tetiana was a participant of festivals Riga performance festival (Latvia), Carbonarium performance festival (Kyiv, Ukraine), ZABIH performance festival (Lviv, Ukraine), Look at this Vulva: woman art festival (Vienna, Austria).

Vincenzo Fiore Marrese

My vision is to create complex works on the art-society relationship in present days, easy to understand under the right approach. At present, I work on the idea to expand art on politics, because politics is an essential part of our society. I like to create works related to the present and the collective experience. My attitude is rational and sceptic. I use critical thinking based on rationality and scepticism. The method to develop my works are intuitive. I work on the sense of direction, hiding landmarks to create disorientation to encourage critical thinking in the audience. I presented my work in several countries in Europe and in Asia.

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