Vincenzo Fiore Marrese

I’m an artist working on the relationship between the body, politics and society.

© VF Marrese, photo by VF. Marrese

Are you a curator interested in these topics? Let’s contact me to set up an appointment, face-to-face or on Skype. I presented my works in Europe and Asia, in several countries like Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, England in the United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Bangladesh. I'm working on topics like the relationship between the body and the prison. And else, the government of the body in society. And else, the system of rules used by the public authority to maintain the order. I presented my works in spaces like, Art residence Carbon (UA), CCK - Cultural Center Korpus (BV), Cross Attic place for interdisciplinary experiments in performing arts (CZ), Projektwohnung „krudebude“ (DE), Teatro Espace (IT), Charukala Institute Dhaka (BD), Semio Theatre (GR), Soulkostel (CZ), PAC Contemporary Art Projects Le Murate (IT), Arminius (NL), Vaskerelven 8 (NO), Battersea Arts Centre (UK), KKc - Kaņepes Kultūras centrs (LV), D27 - Creative Hive (LV), and others. Don’t hesitate to contact me for proposals or to get more information about my works.

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