Vincenzo Fiore Marrese


The common thread of my body of work is the thread of the system of rules that you can find in some way in nature and society.

The broader frame which contains the unifying element is the relationship between art and science. I conceive art and science relationship entangled to critical social theory, digital technology, and magical thinking. I do not orient my work to a specific media. The work is theme focus. However, the outcome are often environments, time-based art, assembled sculptures, installation art, sculptures, new media art, participatory art, and sound art.

I develop my artwork by connecting several layers of meaning, avoiding juxtapositions to create new meanings.

I address my art to experts and the broad public also. My challenge is to preserve, at the same time, the complexity of the contemporary art language.

My art practice is research-based. My artwork grows from insights while working on my artistic research.

I feel like a co-author of the work. My intention is the essential key to interpreting the artwork. Likewise, there are other keys related to the history of art, the present times, and the subjective experience of the audience.